Monday, April 30, 2012

Goddess File #34

I recently saw a film on Maria Luisa Bombal, the Chilean author who was never fully accepted in Chile for her provocative writings. This poem is dedicated to her.  It's not for the faint of heart.  You've been warned.

The boys come so easy
The men come so hard
And I’m your mother
Your sister
Your daughter
Your wife
Your lover
Past in present
Future tense
I’m a phone call
A voice
I am my body
My legs
I am a fantasy
Baby bottles
Breast feeding
What is it that you need?
Innocence of a child
With a seductive grin
Come one
Come all
Playground style
Do I scare you now?
I gave birth
To dead crows
And the levity
Of my laughter
makes you forget
That I am your sister
Your wife
Your lover
Strapped to a bed
Pushing baby stroller
Down dead ends
I am the whore
Blowing you in your car
I am the angel
Spiritually speaking
Spitting image
Virgin Mary
Can you handle me?
The boys always come so easy
The men come hard

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