Thursday, June 3, 2010

the past month of poetry

In the order that they were written:


You can call me a liar
cause thats what I was
an overcompensation
of whispered words

cause in my heart
I knew it was a dream
I'm not cautious
so this is what I get oh

youre not the first
and you wont be the last
so trusting with your hearts
and i shatter them like glass

and I am so damn careless
you know, and then I watch
completely callous to it all

so this is it
Im sorry I lied
those whispered words
sounded so right at the time

a thousand glass
daggars sting me
they are my words
silence looks so pretty..


I trekked through the mountains of Mexico
in silence and solitude
tears staining the ground as I walked
planting seeds of sorrow and regret
breathing in a different air
just trying to forget

I can say you never knew me
no lover of mine really has
My core is a solitary animal
that just allows itself to get attached
every once in a little while
every once in a little while

Oh and what is this dull ache
I feel everytime any strangers kiss
brushes against my lips
like someone pressing on a bruise
pressure on a wound
but I know itll just bleed again


If I had to draw a picture
of what it was that we were
it'd be the spiraling tip of a tornado
drilling into one another
destroying and breaking anything interfering with its path

The depth in which I allowed you to penetrate
frightens me - for seldom I{ve found
my own epicenter so profound

I brought the heat to your cold front
and we spun and spun
dancing precociously on fault lines

If I had to draw a picture
of the destruction left in your wake
itd encompass the emptiness
necessary to rebuild a badly
constructed city whose architects
never understood the importance of foundation.

For this, I thank you.


This cold shoulder
Two years later
A constant reminder of my mistakes
And I can stand shivering
For a pretty long time
I haven’t felt like being touched
In months anyway
But there are these men
They walk around in their suits
Buy me a drink and then
Wanna hold my hips
They could hold me down
When they are barely listening to my lips
And I don’t say what I mean to anyway
My words just float past people’s ears
Unless I’m saying what they want to hear
And I know the point of this is just to
Feed me lines and flattery so sweet
Until I’m swollen and bloated
And then they can stick their teeth into me
And so I stick to water instead
While not really listening
It’s what I want to hear
So I try your cold shoulder
Cause it’s a nice change
I miss your voice and I only call
Just to hear it on the machine
While my silence at the beep
Speaks more accurately of me
Than I ever could

I am shivering in June but getting used to the chill
Because, my baby, you set the standard
And I’ve got to say it’s pretty high up there

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